OK, everybody let’s get set up for a Throw Forward Thursday. Are we seriously, and I know we’re just setting up here guys, but are we seriously going to be doing this script? Is that what we’ve decided to do, the extreme weather thing? I mean, this is ridiculous to me. I mean, we supposed to Throw Forward Thursday is supposed to be about telling people about stuff that’s going to happen in the future.

Right. And we’ve put together a scripture for 2025. And it sounds like the news from last week. You know, we’ve got record flooding in Germany. We’ve got record flooding in China. We’ve got the highest ever temperatures in Canada and a heat dome over Canada. We’ve got the highest ever temperatures at the North and South Pole. I mean, let me take this off, actually, but I’m sitting here in Johannesburg today freezing, freezing my butt off with the coldest day of the year. And, you know, the whole point of Throw Forward Thursday is that we are supposed to be taking people into the future. And in fact, you know what, guys I’m not going to do this one this week, who needs to be told that climate change is happening, that we are getting more extreme weather coming, that if we don’t do something about it now and by “we” I mean everybody. It’s not about individuals just giving up their straws or stopping using their aircon. It has to be massive systemic shift by government and by businesses. And if we don’t do that, we are going to be facing the greatest catastrophe of our lives. And we say that in the middle of a covid pandemic that shut the whole world down. But who doesn’t know this? And this is me telling everybody to come back next week. Right. We don’t need to be doing this now, there’s the contact details. We’ll be back.

I’m not going to waste my time with the stuff this week. Hey. Are you guys recording, you guys recording, you’re not going to Jonathan Pie me, are you? I hope not.

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