In the work that our team does with clients around the world, we believe that right now there are four big problems that organisations are facing:

  1. Your culture and team were broken before Covid hit, and now it’s even worse. You’re hoping that getting back to the office will fix your problems, but deep down inside you know it won’t.
  2. Or maybe, you were doing well before Covid, but your team is struggling now in this hybrid, dial-in, remote world. If the future is more hybrid, you’re worried that your team won’t ever get back to what it was.
  3. You are realising that you won’t ever keep up with change – things are just moving too quickly, disruptions are coming too regularly and your old cycles of planning and change management are not coping.
  4. Your leaders and managers are struggling and you’re worried that they don’t have the skillset to take your organisation into this crazy future we’re facing.

Graeme Codrington recorded a ten-minute video on these challenges, and the four solutions we think are required, and we highly recommend you watch this and share it with your team:

The quick summary is this: you can – and MUST – start working on the solutions to these issues NOW. You can’t wait until you’re “back to normal” at the office, because that may never happen. You can work on your team’s culture now, you can start to build healthy hybrid teams now, you can build adaptability into your organisational DNA now, and you can develop your leaders now.

We’d love to help you to do this, and we have three ways of doing so:

1. We can share some of the resources we’ve gathered during the past 18 months. We’ve got some brilliant articles, some excellent videos and some superb book recommendations (and even a few book summaries) that we’d be happy to share with you. For free. No obligations. Just because we know how helpful they’ve been to us. Just reply to this email, and let us know which of the four areas above you need assistance with, or be even more specific about the issues you’re facing, and our team will supply you with a helpful starting point for changing your perspective and unlocking solutions.

2. We’ve worked hard over the past year to package some of our insights into easily accessible online courses, which we have priced to make them accessible to everyone – if your company won’t approve a budget for them, then hopefully you can afford to sign up for them yourself. 

From ‘How to Manage Transitions‘ to ‘Dealing with Disruption‘,  to ‘Building Healthy Hybrid Teams‘ and ‘Running Awesome Online Meetings‘, we’ve got a selection of courses from our team; and we’ve also got a long list of recommended courses for our associates around the world. So please drop us a note if you’re looking for something like this for yourself or your team.

3. Finally, we have our professional work (yes, these will cost you): presentations to provide insights into the future of work, leadership development programs to build future-fit leaders, coaching and mentoring for you and your senior leaders, and a consulting team who can walk a longer journey with you as you ‘build back better’ after Covid. 

If you’d like more information about any of this work just reply to this email and let me know how I can assist.

If one of the four problems outlined above is what you’re facing, then let us help you to make the best next step in solving it. We really are here to help you and look forward to hearing how we can assist.

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