Our team has been talking about the skills needed to face the future with confidence for many years now – skills like curiosity, problem solving, entrepreneurship & critical thinking. Skills that are critical for individuals and teams to keep adapting, and succeeding in these disruptive times.

And when I say ‘individuals’ – I don’t just mean individuals who are right in the middle of climbing the corporate ladder – whether you’re 65 and transitioning to a new phase of what work looks (or doesn’t look like for you), whether you’re 35, juggling working from home during Covid, kids homework and too many zoom meetings, or in fact, whether you’re 9 and learning to balance Minecraft and still leaving enough hours to play with your friends outside – we all need to learn these new skills, to some degree or another.

And as a parent, I think you can agree it can get tricky…. Not only are we needing to develop and understand these skills for our own development, but we’re now starting to realize that these are also critical skills for our kids to develop….

But as with everything parenting…. there’s no manual, and sometimes, the thought of trying to figure out what it means to help our kids develop creativity (or any of these skills you’ve heard that they need for the future) is just too much to consider when you’re barely able to come up with more than a peanut butter sandwich for their lunchbox today!

So, (because experimenting is something we like to do around here, and also actively encourage our clients to do) our team have been experimenting with a sandbox project called Future Smart Parent.

This project has been on the cards for a while, but we’ve now committed to a weekly podcast episode as a start while we plan some other exciting offerings.

Resources for parents who are parenting a little differently, yet very much intentionally, for a changing world and who are looking for ideas and community to help them on this journey.

So… in this 3rd podcast episode that we’ve recorded, Jude chats with Graeme about how he thinks parenting is different now as we prepare our kids for the future and how this shows up in his life as, together with his wife, as they parent their 3 daughters.

One of the key things we chat about is how to open doors for your kids for them to succeed in the future – and my hope is that if you do take a listen, that these ideas will be just that – food for thought, at times ideas that will challenge your current thinking, simple resources that will add to your parenting journey rather than add to the potential parenting overwhelm.

As Graeme says during the interview – we are the first generation of parents who know for sure that we don’t know what the future will be like for our kids and that means we have to approach parenting slightly differently!

    About the author of today’s Tuesday Tip – Jude Foulston

    Jude, the author of today’s tip and podcast host, is a Mom to 2 unschooling kids and the ‘nice person at TomorrowToday Global.’

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