And so, you need an adaptive approach, you need an approach which can get you moving in a certain direction but has the ability to adjust and change as the circumstances change around you. The problem with that is that your current systems and structures aren’t going to work for you. Your current systems and structures are not suitable for this adaptive environment. Top-down leadership where small leaders wait for big leaders to make decisions and tell them what to do. That just won’t work.

Micromanaging your team and looking at their hours every day and going in and supervising them and telling them what to do and then getting them to report back, that’s not going to work. We need self-directed teams in an adaptive environment. We need teams of teams that are agile and can change and adapt on their own. We need leaders who are prepared to honestly trust their teams. I know you say you trust your team, but now your trust is being tested when they’re all working from home and when people need to make decisions without going through the endless stream of meetings and approvals and legal and compliance.

That is your normal day to day work. You know what I’m talking about. And we’ve got to change all of that. We’ve got to adapt our organizations in order to be adaptable to the environment we now find ourselves in.

If this is something that you know that you need in your organization, our team of TomorrowToday Global is set up to help you. We have a professional studios in our homes. We are able to do this at a distance. We have also adapted and adjusted our online style so that we don’t just come in and dump what we might have done in a classroom or an executive boardroom session or at a business school leadership development program.

We don’t just dump it onto video or into webinars and get a whole bunch of talking heads in the room. We have an entire adaptable online process that we will use with your team. So please be in touch with us. If this sounds like something that you feel you might need at the moment, no obligation, just a conversation. Please contact our team at and we’d love to show you what we can see in an adaptive environment and how we might be able to help you become more adaptable in this crisis period.

It is, in our opinion, the most important thing for you to be doing now so that you can set yourself up not just for success in this current crisis, but actually to set yourself up for success in the rest of the 2020’s, which, if you haven’t forgotten yet, is going to bring all those disruptions that were coming your way, are still coming your way in the rest of the twenty twenties. We’d love to help you to be ready for whatever faces us in the rest of this decade.

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