People in remote teams need a lot of help right now. They’re struggling with loss of human contact, battling to know how to measure productivity, and finding it difficult to juggle all the demands of working from anywhere.

Here are three really great ideas to help your people rebuild their energy and improve their work (and personal) lives.

I hope that those three ideas give you some insight and encouragement to make some changes in the way you and your team engage with each other at the moment. If you would like any further insights, any further assistance or help with getting the most out of your remote teams and in building a culture that can thrive during disruption then please do get in touch with our team at TomorrowToday. We’d love to help you to do just that.

Lastly – we are hosting a workshop on how to host awesome remote meetings in a 90 minute workshop on 4 or 8 March (you choose what works best for you, or watch the recording later). The early bird price is available until the 1st March for just  $29 – sign up now to join us:

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