• Parenting during Covid is tough, especially for parents with children at school. It’s clear already that 2021 is going to be another year full of school disruptions, and parents are going to struggle with this. In 2021, we are going to focus on resources to help parents – and their children – through disruption. Watch a short video here to give you a taste of what we have planned.
  • As you chart your course for 2021, invite our team of global experts to help you make 2021 a successful year for your team. Our world-class presenters customise content and style, based on your event, audience and the culture of the audience, but always ensure an energising mix of information and inspiration. Have a look at our list of online sessions here
  • In a recent virtual town hall on leadership lessons from the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Mark Pochapin of NYU Langone Health—in conversation with Doug Conant, Founder and CEO of ConantLeadership—shared illuminating insights that can help us all show up more fully for the people in our lives, no matter our vocation. Explore these lessons by clicking here.  
  • For many during 2020, Futurist and scenario planner, Graeme Codrington was a voice of reason and insight. In the last week of last year, he produced five videos doing a review of 2020 and helping his clients set up for 2021. These videos will help you in your business too. Check them out below and be sure to share: 
  1. How did we do (compared to what)? 
  2. Why did some countries do better than others? 
  3. How did the economy do? 
  4. What must we do to set up for 2021?  
  5. What is the lasting legacy of Covid?  
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