• As we plan for 2021, we cannot just wish the volatility away. Hope is not a strategy. Read this week’s Tuesday Tip by Future of Work Expert, Graeme Codrington on what you should consider as you strategise for an uncertain 2021.
  • The final edition of InsureTalk 2020 will close off with a free event for professionals in the insurance space and other industries, with Zanele Njapha speaking on some of the key things to UnLearn and ReLearn in preparation for 2021. The event will run from 10:00am until 13:00pm South African Time. Register here to attend InsureTalk8.
  • There are innovation benefits and leadership challenges in Apple’s distinctive and ever-evolving organisational model. It may be useful for other companies competing in rapidly changing environments to learn from these. Read ‘How Apple Is Organised for Innovation’ here.
  • In Episode 19 of Future-Fit Fridays, Author of ‘The Compass and The Radar: The Art of Building A Rewarding Career While Remaining True To Yourself’, Paolo Gallo chats to us about how to encourage organisational and individual performance in disrupted workplaces where volatility thrives. Stream this episode of the podcast and others here.



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