• “Adversity is a crucible for greatness”. Various leaders are using the crucible of this crisis to unleash greatness by reinventing their organisations, building inclusion and engagement of their teams. Read about three ways leaders are doing this in Organizational Culture and Diversity Expert, Buhle Dlamini’s contribution to our Quarterly Publication, ‘Using The Crucible of Crisis To UnLeash Greatness and ReInvent The Future’.
  • Join Futurists, Graeme Codrington and Dean van Leeuwen on the 13th November, Friday, 11am UK / 1pm JHB, for a conversation about the power of doing good, and why having a quest to make the world a better place is so important to companies, employee engagement, workplace culture and success in the 2020s. Register here to attend ‘Build Back Better’ or get access to the replay.
  • The Dealing With Disruption course is designed to help you understand what it takes to be adaptive, the practical work that needs to be done, in a set of 40 short videos, supplemented with a workbook with exercises to follow and reflect on. Explore the course or enrol here.
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