• Our team’s Quarterly Publication, titled ‘Re-Imagine’ is home to the reflections and stories from our team as we’ve watched the world, our clients, as well as our own team, Re-Imagine what ‘normal’ starts to look like. Click here to access the publication.  
  • Join Future of Work Expert, Graeme Codrington and Workplace Culture Expert and Co-Founder of the UGRs (unwritten ground rules) methodology, Stef du Plessis next Wednesday, 4 November at 1pm South African time for a 40 minute webinar on Corporate Culture with Remote TeamsSign up here to join live or get access to the replay afterwards.
  • Like everything else, traditional support groups and group therapy sessions have pivoted to digital during the pandemic. In some ways, for some patients, old-fashioned group support may actually work better online. Read the external article ‘How Technology is Reinventing Traditional Support Groups‘ here.

  • Ever feel like you’ve either consciously or unintentionally taken on ideas, practices and perspectives that no longer serve you? The UnLearning Mentorship Programme is a 6 week mentorship programme for individuals who want to build and strengthen their capacity to adapt in order to claim a re-imagined future. The programme is now open to Early Bird enrolment, explore further by clicking here. 
  • Future-Fit Fridays episode 18 hosted a conversation on Data Governance and Stewardship with CEO of DatOculi, Lara Gureje and episode 17 saw a conversation on The Value of Foresight with Founder of the DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey. Listen to these episodes and others here.
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