• The world is being reinvented. As we realise that the Covid disruption will be with us for longer than most of us thought, we’re also starting to accept that we won’t ever go “back to normal” completely. Read Re-Invent Your Contribution by Graeme Codrington
  •  If the pandemic has reinforced anything, it is that life throws us unexpected, life-altering curveballs. How we face these challenges will determine our long-term success, says an NYU leadership professor in this Fast Company Article
  • “Unfailingly, Dean van Leeuwen delivers a revealing vision, charisma and utmost professionalism and pragmatism across his projects. He is both an inspiring interlocutor and an accomplished public speaker, whose presentations are as intriguing as they are enjoyable!” – Eva Krydowska (Business Director UK – SoftwareHut). Explore the valuable resources of our TomorrowToday.Consulting team here.
  • Read about three trends that have seen rapid acceleration this year—growth in data literacy programs, the emergence of data as a critical resource for advocates highlighting racial inequality, and executive involvement in data culture in this Forbes Article.
  • Join us on 13 and 14 October for two days that will show you what’s possible, give you the resources needed to reinvent your contribution, inspire you with stories of people who have done remarkably clever things in the past six months, and connect you with a network of your peers at Learning Innovation Africa.































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