The world is being reinvented. As we realise that the Covid disruption will be with us for longer than most of us thought, we’re also starting to accept that we won’t ever go “back to normal” completely.

This is especially true in our workplaces.

The question, then, for each of us is what our best contribution might be in our changing work environments. Some changes that we need to make are fairly obvious, such as becoming more adaptable, more flexible, more responsive and more resilient.

We also need to look after ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically – we are experiencing trauma and that is going to take its toll on us. If we’re leaders, we need to help our teams to do all of this too. But we need to do more than merely survive.

Depending on your function, you might need to think creatively about how you can contribute to what your organisation is going through, and what it will continue to experience through the disruptive years that lie ahead in the 2020s. Covid is the immediate crisis, but we know for sure that many other disruptions are coming our way – some of them have even been accelerated by Covid.

In this new reality, what is the role of IT, accounts, HR, marketing, social media, legal and compliance, strategy, logistics, procurement, admin and all the other functions? What is your role?

We believe that the best answer to these questions is to think about re-invention or re-imagination, rather than re-building. We cannot merely go back to doing what we were doing six months ago. Nor can we simply aim to do what we were doing, only cheaper, faster or slightly better. A changed world will require us to do more than rebuild.

With this in mind, TomorrowToday is thrilled to once again partner with the Learning Innovation Africa conference to bring insights and inspiration to Learning and Development professionals. This year’s event will obviously be virtual, which means it is even more accessible to our network than ever before.

Join us on 13 and 14 October for two days that will show you what’s possible, give you the resources needed to reinvent your contribution, inspire you with stories of people who have done remarkably clever things in the past six months, and connect you with a network of your peers. The programme is included below, and you can see more details at 

Zanele Njapha and Graeme Codrington from TomorrowToday are on the programme. And a special customised version of Keith Coats and Graeme’s book, “Leading in a Changing World” will be included in the special delegate box.

LIA is focused on L&D, but it is open to anyone who wants to discover what it will take to develop their people to contribute during and after this crazy time we’re living through. And since it is hosted in South Africa, the pricing for international delegates is very attractive.

Book now – there’s an early bird price available until 24 September.

LIA might be for you. But if it isn’t and you’re from a different part of your organisation, make every effort over the next month or so to connect with your network, get together and begin to reinvent your contribution.




About the author of today’s Tuesday Tip – Graeme Codrington

Graeme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise makes him highly relevant –  essential – in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Along with his formal qualifications and research credentials, he has a wide range of personal experience and a deep understanding of how people and business work. 
Now add his vast experience working with business leaders the world over during the past 20+ years, and you’ll understand why he is the go-to resource for leaders who are gearing up for the future.

Contact [email protected] to invite Graeme to work with your team.


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