• Do you feel like you need a different set of skills to successfully navigate all that 2020 is throwing at us?
  • Does managing your team through these disruptive times feel overwhelming?
  • Are you battling to motivate your people right now?
  • Are you and your people feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Thriving through any amount of change can be tough. A global pandemic and the biggest disruption the world has seen in the last 100 years makes this even tougher. So many teams, organisations and colleagues around the world are scrambling to figure out how this ‘new normal’ works and what needs to be done in order to survive, let alone thrive, through disruption. 

  • Imagine you had a ‘survival skillset‘ that enabled you to adapt and deal with any disruption
  • Imagine if you had the skills and resources to confidently lead your people through disruption and challenging times of change
  • Imagine you trusted your people implicitly to do the job you need them to do
  • Imagine leading a team that is able to continuously adapt and thrive in disruption, rather than scrambling with every new challenge.

The good news is that you CAN learn how to deal with deep disruption.

Developing the skills needed to deal with disruption is something our team can help you with. We’ve worked with CEOs, team leaders and individuals across the globe for the last 20 years providing them with an understanding of what it means to be adaptive, together with the practical work that needs to be done in order to know how to deal with change and disruption. We’ve got the steps for you to follow to become what the 2020s calls for.

DEALING WITH DISRUPTION is our teams brand new class for anyone wanting to set themselves up for success among any of the disruptions coming our way in the next decade. (Sorry if you thought disruption was going to stop with Covid19, this decade will be full of deep disruption). 

The course is designed to help you understand what it takes to be adaptive, the practical work that needs to be done, in a set of 40 short videos, supplemented with a workbook with exercises to follow and reflect on. Don’t be fooled – although the course is 40 short videos, the work that will need to be done will be a lifelong learning journey – a journey that is certainly worth starting if you wish to become someone that makes a difference, someone who develops their people and who knows what to do when no one really knows what to do!

Dealing with Disruption is an online video course that has been designed to help you develop the skills needed to set yourself up for success among any of the disruptions coming our way in the future – skills that enable you to adapt to the challenges and disruptions that organisations, leaders, teams and individuals will all face in the 2020s.


Take advantage of our pre-launch offer and grab this online course, hosted by Graeme Codrington, for half price! Our pre-launch offer ends when the course content goes live on the 15th of September.


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