• So you’ve spotted yourself or a colleague showing some/all the signs of burnout, now what to do about it? There are 6 ways you can prevent burnout at an individual level. Read them in the article by Psychologist and Consultant, Tamryn Batcheller-Adams,When The Flame Dulls to A Flicker’.
  • Adaptive Leadership Expert, Keith Coats presented Leading In A Changing World, and here’s the feedback received:            “I thoroughly enjoyed your session, it was the highlight of the whole event. You challenged my perceptions and have made me ask a whole lot of new questions of myself, my team and my business! Thank you” – Joanne Taylor-Stagg (General Manager at The Athenaeum Hotel and Residences)

Click here to view details on the presentation ‘Leading In A Changing World‘. 

  • USA based Futurist, Chet Sisk discusses how future narratives can help drive social transformation around issues such as climate change and inequality on episode 14 of Future-Fit Fridays. Have a listen to ‘Transformational Futurism with Chet Sisk’.



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