“Adversity is the crucible for greatness”

Right now, seems like a terrible time to speak about unleashing your greatness. The world is caught up in the throes of a global pandemic (Covid-19), causing markets to free fall and crashing various industries. The truth of the matter is that this crisis is having a massive impact on so many businesses and chances are it has impacted your personal life in significant ways as well. Adversity can be a great opportunity to find and unleash your greatness. History is littered with individuals who unleashed their greatness as a result of facing crises in their lives.

If you are a leader, now would be a perfect opportunity to unleash your team and organisation’s greatness. In my book and winning presentation “Unleashing Your Greatness” I share 5 keys to being extraordinary.

Here are 3 that you could use right now:

Be Who You Be – Find Your Distinction

In every hero’s journey there comes a point, usually during a crisis, where they discover their true identity and find their calling. I call this first key “Being Who Be,” where you discover your distinction. Be Who You Be is about embracing who you are and who you can be. This is about discovering what sets you apart as a leader, team or as an organisation and focus on your core purpose.

To unleash your greatness in this period you need to realise that it’s not your environment that counts, it’s not your circumstances that count, It’s What’s In You that counts! Greatness begins the moment you realise you have what it takes to achieve your greatness and Be Who You Be! Remember that who you are has not changed, but the way you add value might need to change because of this crisis.

Unleash A Winning Attitude

Many people are struggling with real challenges that threaten their careers and their well being right now. Things we took for granted have become big concerns; like a guaranteed income, educating our children and meeting payroll for our employees. The overwhelming pressures and uncertainties around us can cause even the strongest among us to despair. When we cannot control what’s happening around us, we have to focus on controlling what we can, our attitude.

A winning attitude is about choosing how you show up to meet your challenges. It’s about choosing how you think and controlling your inner world. In my presentations I often say, “Attitude is the internal thermostat that controls your internal condition, which in turn affects your output.” A winning attitude won’t make the challenges we face go away, but it will change how we face them.

Create Your Future

A crisis is a perfect time to reimagine the future and dream of new possibilities. Indeed, the companies that will weather the current storm are the ones who find opportunity and pivot to new streams. Creating your future is about taking the time to dream of new possibilities and setting new goals that you can achieve. While others are trying to salvage what’s left of the old boats; you should be building a newer, better boat that will navigate the yet uncharted seas.

Now is the right time to motivate your team towards unleashing greatness!


About the author of today’s Tuesday Tip – Buhle Dlamini

Buhle is an Organisational Culture and Diversity Expert who works with clients across the globe. He helps his clients leverage the benefits of diversity and shows leaders and teams how to create the most productive and effective organisational cultures.  

Buhle’s Unleashing Your Greatness presentation is one of his most requested around the world! It can be presented as an online offering live or as a recorded video.

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