1. Have some form of daily schedule. Nothing too militant. But plan when you want to work and when you want to Netflix. 
  2. Don’t work in your bed. 
  3. Get dressed! Wash your face and brush your teeth every morning. Don’t work in your PJ’s! 
  4. Keep to regular snack/ eating times. It keeps routine and will limit unnecessarily opening the fridge door every hour.
  5. Do 10 minutes of exercise a day. Just 10 minutes – you can do this! Have a friend to keep you accountable if you need too. How? Do your 10minutes take a ‘proof pic’ send it to them and they need to send you theirs. Keep one another accountable.
  6. Get some Vitamin D on your face. Spend some time outside, in a garden, on a balcony or at a widow. 
  7. Don’t work everyday or into the evenings. Treat weekends like you usually would – they are not working days. Keep your work boundaries as much as possible. 
  8. Stop binge watching social media news feeds. Listen to music instead. The former fuels anxiety the latter alleviates anxiety.
  9. Make a positive contribution to the Covid-19 effort. It might be a donation to the government solidarity fund. It might be offering to shop for someone else who is vulnerable. It might be posting something positive online or calling someone to check in on how they doing. Do something that will help someone smile. 
  10. Most importantly, Keep Perspective: This ‘lock down’ is intense and it will become more intense over the coming weeks. But we have learnt from China that COVID-19 can be controlled.

You want Proof? 
Play this video, on repeat and remember that there is HOPE: Click here – There is Hope 

By Tamryn Batcheller-Adams – TomorrowToday Psychologist and Consultant

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