The 2020s – We always knew this decade would be disruptive, we didn’t realise it would happen quite so quickly and be as huge as it is

One of the biggest adjustments we have to make right now is learning to work from home, if we can.

This course will do just that, based on our team’s 18 years of experience working remotely all around the world.

  • Help your boss or employer make this transition and feel confident with their people working from home (they’re freaking out at the moment and are looking for problem solvers to help with this crisis)

  • Discover what works and what doesn’t work when setting up a home office

  • Learn the skills and resources you need to work remotely

  • Identify the common mistakes that you’re likely to make, and how to avoid them

  • Look beyond this crisis moment, and see how essential it is that we learn adaptive skills now as we see the world of work changing forever.

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