Our team at TomorrowToday Global has been developing our consulting capabilities for many years. Recently, we decided to focus more on this area of our work, and develop a dedicated consulting offering.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of TomorrowToday Consulting – and invite you to visit our website www.tomorrowtoday.consulting for more information and resources.

Our particular focus is working with companies who want to do well by doing good. We partner with middle-market and progressive big business to develop the quests, impact strategies and culture of innovation that delivers growth and a better future for all stakeholders.

Let us know if you’d like more information, alternatively, below is an overview of just one of the papers you’ll find over at the new website that looks at ‘Winning the 2020s’. (You can view the full paper online or download it as a pdf here).

Winning the 2020s

The 2020s will be a decade of disruption and the keys to success will be different from those of the past. Here are five ways you and your organisation can rise to the challenges of the 2020s.

  1. Be a force for good: The 2020s will witness a massive paradigm shift in terms of what makes companies competitive as well as contributors to society. Doing well, by doing good has gone mainstream. By the end of this decade, companies that are not a positive contributor to society will lose advantage.
  2. Become Bionic: Studies by Oxford University predict robotics and automation will replace up to 47% of jobs over the next decade. So, the important question is: What can humans do that intelligent machines can not? The answer lies in seven very human skills. Organisations need to unite humans and machines. This can be achieved by blending people and technology capabilities through the upskilling of the workforce with seven higher level human skills that technology can not provide.
  3. Build a culture of innovation: Successful leaders recognise that innovation is not a thing, but rather part of their DNA and how their people do things. The leaders enable innovation to become embedded and sustainable by focusing on six areas that strengthen the evolution towards a culture of exploration and innovation.
  4. Embrace the new logic of competition: The nature of work and competitive advantage changed over the last decade and leaders will have to adjust again as new competitor dynamics emerge. Eight trends are disrupting the future of work and these trends confront leaders with fundamentally new challenges. Organisations must focus less on forecasting, planning, and direct control and more on creating the organisational DNA, that provides the capabilities necessary to evolve and grow sustainably.
  5. Be Diverse and Inclusive: While most companies profess to have D&I programmes, only 25% of diverse employees believe they have benefitted. But studies demonstrate a clear correlation between the diversity of management teams and an organisation’s performance. Diverse companies have higher EBIT and profit margins than companies with below-average diversity in their leadership teams. D&I remains an under-leveraged opportunity.

The 2020s will be a decade of disruption as technology, geopolitical and social trends collide to create new organisational and societal realities. The leaders who are tuned to change will seize opportunity. Inspiring a strong sense of purpose and delivering meaningful benefits to all stakeholders will be vital.  

Leaders must amplify distinct human capabilities and discover synergies inherent in human-machine collaboration. That means fashioning a bionic enterprise, one that augments technology and people in ways that bring out the best in each. Investing in a culture of innovation and embedding this within the organisation’s DNA as a natural manifestation of how things are done will build a strong foundation. Embracing diversity especially cognitive and gender, will speed-up and strengthen results.

None of this is easy, but the result will be organisations that are able to learn, unlearn and relearn faster than their rivals, thrive in the face of uncertainty, and continually evolve to deliver remarkable results.

To download the full paper on how to thrive in the 2020s or to view online please visit https://www.tomorrowtoday.consulting/winning-the-2020s

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