Welcome to the 2020s. Whether it feels like the start of an exciting new decade for you, or just another Tuesday at work, our team at TomorrowToday would like to wish you all the best for the new year, and the unbelievable decade that lies ahead.

We agree with the optimistic forecasters who believe the 2020s will be one of humanity’s most exciting.

We’ve spent the last half century creating building blocks for our digital future. From the early building-sized mainframes computers we now have hand held super computers that can do billions of instructions per second, that now spend time waiting for us rather than the other way around, and we will spend this coming decade getting ever closer to the quantum computer. From landline phones and dial up modems, we now have always-on 5G and ubiquitous fibre that connects every part of the world, and we will spend this decade building a proper ‘internet of things’ in our smart homes, smart offices, smart homes and smart bodies. Yes, from smart watches we will soon have more options for smart clothes, and during this decade we will start integrating technology, robotics and upgrades into our own bodies.

Ok, maybe that escalated a bit quickly. But it’s true: in every industry, every function and every part of our world, we are going to experience the effects of exponential systems change, driven by those building blocks of computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation.

And that’s why we also agree with some of the pessimistic forecasters for the decade ahead. There is going to be significant disruption in the ways we live and work. Many people are going to find their jobs under pressure, their industries changing and the world shifting. We will solve some big problems this decade, but most likely create and exacerbate others.

Whatever happens it’s going to be quite a ride. And the TomorrowToday team will be here to share it with you – helping you anticipate and prepare for it. That’s what we try and do every day: make sense of what is about to happen, and get ready for what happens after what comes next.

Welcome to the 2020s. We truly hope it is all of our best decade yet.

The TomorrowToday team

TomorrowToday Global