Leadership: Essential Writings By Our Greatest Thinkers – edited by Elizabeth D. Samet

This is an anthology that brings together a rich array of insights, stories and perspectives on the subject of leadership. Elizabeth Samet, an award winning author (Soldier’s Heart and No Man’s Land), is a professor of English at West Point. This combination of teacher and the military plays a significant part in the collection brought together in this outstanding anthology.

For anyone interested in the subject of leadership, this book needs to be on your shelf. I am reading it to refresh my own thinking and deepen my own well on the subject. It is not being read cover to cover, but as all anthologies, is filling some gaps in my reading this week and it is not disappointing. The inclusion of well crafted ‘discussion questions’ following each of the sections as well as further recommended reading, makes this work even more valuable and useable. Be prepared for it to occupy your attention for quite some time – and for it to serve as a sobering reminder as just how much there is to learn if you are a student of leadership!

My Rating (out of 5): 4.2

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