Last week Tuesday we sent out the first video in our 7 part mini-series where we started to look at what the Fourth Industrial Revolution actually is.

This week we look at what the Fourth Industrial Revolution practically means for you and me – in other words for the people who don’t have a ‘Google Supercomputer’ in their basements, or for those who haven’t yet learnt to speak to machines through code. Us – the regular you and me! 

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The team at TomorrowToday believe that the best place to start is by NOT getting overwhelmed by all this talk of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Automation’. Let’s begin by rephrasing AI to ‘Intelligent Assistance’ and let’s look forward to having access to technology that can assist us in all areas of our lives. 

What exactly does this mean for you and your team? Where do you need to start in order to make the most of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Intelligent Assistance)? 

Graeme’s got some great advice and practical suggestions in today’s 5 minutes video.

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