A book that our colleague Keith Coats has recently read (and recommends) is Prisoners of Geography: Ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics by Tim Marshall.

The title instantly attracted his attention and as one of the maps concerns Korea and Japan – two of his destinations in his TomorrowToday travels this month, it translated into an instant purchase.

Knowing very little about Korea, and the work he is doing there concerning itself with the initiative to unite North and South Korea – this book was a good start in developing the contextual understanding that Keith will need.

By looking at the past, present and future, Keith found that this book offers some great insights into geopolitics and the way that geography shapes the choices of world leaders. The 10 maps are those of Russia, China, USA, Western Europe, Africa, The Middle East, India & Pakistan. Kore & Japan, Latin America and the Arctic.

Keith presented our ‘Brokers of Hope – 3 key understandings for Leaders in a Paradoxical World’ keynote presentation as part of his time this week in South Korea.

The world needs a new leadership response to a global context of change, complexity and uncertainty. Leadership expert Keith Coats is passionate about helping audiences around the world to understand what this response looks like and to equip leaders with the tools needed to respond to this changing context.

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