Lessons for future focused leaders

Having worked on both the first edition of Leading in a Changing World and now this updated second edition, Jude thought it would be a good idea to ask Keith (KC) and Graeme (GC) to clarify a few things as to what prompted this second edition, together with what is new in this updated edition.

Jude: Why the need for a second edition?

KC: Things have changed since 2015 when we wrote Leading in
a Changing World.
The challenge of what it means to lead in this complex and changing landscape remains and we thought rather than write an entirely new book we could refresh and update our content within the parameters of a title that is forever relevant.

GC: Since writing the first edition, we have been asked to speak about it at company conferences and to workshop the contents on numerous leadership development conferences. We’ve discovered what connects with people, and what was confusing or needed more explanation. We have also learnt from our delegates, and been amazed at their insights, questions and stories. We wanted to include these.

So what is ‘new’ in this second edition?

GC: There are three new things in this edition:

(1) We have changed the structure of the book, making it more readable;

(2) we have added two key new leadership focus areas that have become increasingly important for leaders over the past few years, namely diversity and disruption, and

(3) a significant update on the five key leadership responses to our invitational model, especially the issue of leadership development.

All of these have added a lot more value by bringing practical applications and implications to leaders.

Who is the book’s target audience?

KC: Well, leaders – any leader really. And those people who want to – and hope to – be leaders in the future. Hopefully this book will help provide clarity and serve as something of a ‘sense-maker’ for anyone in a leadership role or position. But I don’t think it is limited to people who have formal leadership positions and titles. At one level, we are all leaders. Parents are leaders. Teachers are leaders. Supervisors are leaders. Anyone who influences others is a leader, and this book will help them.

We do hope you’ll enjoy reading this book – whether for the first time or you’re reading it again.

The book is available on Amazon, in paperback or for Kindle. We are also in the process creating an audio version, but that’ll be a few weeks still before that’s available.

And of course, the book is available as an additional resource for our clients as a resource for an upcoming conference, or team event.

A really popular option that many of our clients have really found value in, has been to include a customised foreword in the book when providing this as an additional resource to teams and delegates – chat to us if this is something you’d like more information on. (There’s no additional charge to do this if you’re needing 50 or more books)

The book retails at $12.99, £9.99 and R180 ex delivery – depending on where in the world you are. You can purchase via Amazon or chat to our team if you would like to order from us directly.

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