Innovation doesn’t just happen. Sadly, there is no secret sauce or silver bullet. However, there are ten powerful traits you can develop and nurture to make innovation happen.

Using the acronym CREATIVITY here are the traits you can focus on:

C  =  Having the CURIOSITY to explore

R  =  Being RESILIENT when everyone else says your ideas are crazy

E  =  Displaying a passionate ENERGY that others find inspiring and uplifting

A  =  Being ADAPTABLE when someone identifies a better route than yours

T  =  Having the TENACITY to keep on trying

I   =  Being INNOVATIVE and unafraid to experiment and fail

V  =  Having the VISION to know your end destination

I   =  Being brave enough to challenge the IMPOSSIBLE

T  =  Always exploring the potential impact of new breakthrough TECHNOLOGY

Y  =  Staying in-tune with the YOUTH for they are the future

Great leaders create the future. They shape, influence it, innovate it. They pull the future forward with their CREATIVITY.


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