Russell uses the tools, techniques and concepts from The Future of Work Academy to facilitate workshops and experiences that organisations can use to more fully develop the 8 key skills and or habits in their staff or teams.

These are skills and habits teams need to develop so they will be able to work successfully both now and into the future.

Russell has been involved in innovation and change projects for over 2 decades and across two continents. He has been trusted by public sector organisations, private sector organisations – both corporates and start ups and the charity sector.

Projects include:  

  • Being part of a team of ‘super’ trainers pulled together to devise and facilitate experiences to help frontline teams of a national UK high street retailer to transform from a stock to a customer-centric entity. This work ultimately resulted in the turnaround of the business and their purchase for a premium. According to the change programme director, Russell was consistently one of the top trainers in the programme.
  • Being part of a pilot project for a significant central government department who were looking for new and innovative training and coaching initiatives to prepare previously disengaged clients for using their services. Components have now been rolled out across the country including three of the concepts Russell devised.
  • Delivering a project to build customer and staff engagement within a key local authority department for the digital transformation changes required so they could consistently deliver a customer-centric service to a very diverse customer group.

Russell is drawn to projects that help groups to work out how to apply theory, concepts and ideas into their day to day way of working. His infectious positivity, energy and persuasive manner typically result in high levels of engagement and, particularly when done alongside coaching, result in high levels of behavioural change.

Russell has been married for over 20 years, has two teenage boys and a dog. He volunteers in a number of youth-related projects including a youth club, the local scouts and as a Governor for a secondary school in Surrey. On the weekends, Russell loves year-round mountain biking and barbeques and in the summer months loves to get away in a tent and make memories with his family.

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