Below is a copy of the most recent email we sent out to our Academy members letting them know what we’ve added to the Future of Work Academy in May.

The Academy is a great resource for anyone wanting to start developing the right skills that are essential for success in the future, and to stay ahead of change. For a minimal investment of just $4.99 monthly we provide you with all the best starting point to develop these skills by means of practical lessons, resources to use with your team and access to our team of global futurists via our Facebook group.

The 8 skills that we help you develop in the Academy are:

  1. Personal Intelligence (Being your best you)
  2. Diversity and Social Intelligence (Successfully build relationships and navigate social structures)
  3. Horizon scanning and what if thinking (How to think like a Futurist and plan for different future scenarios)
  4. Adaptive Intelligence, sense making and complex problem solving (Knowing what to do when no one knows what to do)
  5. Creativity and Intuition (Expand your thinking)
  6. Curiosity and Storytelling (Why asking questions and sharing stories are critical and how to be better at both)
  7. Initiative and entrepreneurship (Succeeding in the new economy)
  8. Being tech savvy (The things you need to know to keep up with the technology powering the future of work)

To access our many free resources head over to or sign up to become a member with access to all our courses and lessons for just $4.99 monthly.

Dear (Here’s hoping your name will be here soon!)

A quick recap of what’s been added to the Academy this month.

And also a remember:

You need to log in and invest some time in yourself in whichever way you’ve decided to do this (This is going to take some time and work)

One lesson a month is better than no lessons a month and once you’ve got one lesson a month right, you can move on to two. We’ve priced your membership so that as long as you’re logging in once a month you’re still getting great value! You’re not alone wherever you are in your journey… We’ve got members managing one lesson a month and some members managing to invest time daily.

As Martin Luther King Jr said – ‘If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.

Get your team involved. There are great resources (in the resource section) that are perfect to use at your next team meeting. We recommend starting with our Driverless Car ‘News Bulletin from the Future’ if you’re looking for somewhere to start.

Here is the list of resources we’ve added this month (Please remember you’ll need to be logged into the Academy for these links to work):

  • Developing Adaptive Intelligence: Embracing different types of knowledge for learning. (Keith Coats)
  • We’ve created 3 lessons to focus on ‘Dealing with Cognitive Bias‘. It’s a big topic, that comes with some great learning. You’ll need to invest some time in these lessons, but we guarantee it’ll be well worth it. (Graeme Codrington)
    • Cognitive Bias – How your brain works, and how to install an upgrade
    • Cognitive Bias – Common Cognitive Biases, and how to deal with them
    • Cognitive Bias – Continued
  • Connecting Sacrifice and Success – START Conversation toolkit (Keith Coats)
  • Learn to read body language and subtle cues in others (Guest contributor: Gilan Gork – Global Authority on Influence & Mentalist)
  • If you missed this month’s webinar ‘Cutting through the CryptoConfusion’ that was hosted by Graeme Codrington and Raymond de Villiers (Expert on the Future of Money) you’ll find the replay in the resource section here.


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