A new leadership reality is evident: building teams that deliberately embrace difference is more valuable than teams that seek ‘alignment’ or ‘consensus’.


Difference really is one of the most important characteristics of successful teams in a world of constant change, growing complexity and globalisation.


Great teams are made up of people with different worldviews, experiences and approaches, who contribute those differences to the team’s success.


This approach is not driven by compliance or a sense of social good, but rather the desire to leverage the power of different views, and different approaches. Too many workplaces have misdirected their energies into surface-level compliance with cultural and gender quotas, while missing out on the real benefits that being different, together, brings.


Different Together will equip teams and the leaders to unlock the power of being ‘different together’. It provides a framework that cuts through the difficulties, provides practical and insightful tools for genuine engagement of difference, and ensures that the conversation is placed in the correct context of our fast-paced world.


This keynote, or workshop, is delivered with TomorrowToday’s trademark style that combines stunning visuals, gentle humour and deep insights to ensure real learning and understanding. This is much more than just another diversity workshop – it is the most important component of successful teams of the future.


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