Join now and make a meaningful difference

Here are some headlines from this story

– $5 billion in illegal payments

– 80 Brazillian politicians under investigation including current and former presidents

– 16 countries on 4 continents caught up

– Petrobras shares lost $80bn

– Odebrecht fined $2.6bn by the US Dept for Justice and their CEO serving 19 year ail sentence

– Compounded Brazil’s worst recession on record

– 13.5 million people unemployed

– Brazil’s GDP 9% below pre-recession peak

Operation Car Wash is considered the biggest corporate scandal in history.

This maddening story along with similar one including VW emission scandal and BP’s Deep Water Horizon have inspired me on a quest to encourage people to use the profit motive to solve a multitude of societal problems.

The growing evidence shows that organisations can do well, by doing good.

Skeptical? I would be, you can’t open a newspaper without discovering how some business leader or politician has f&^ked-up!

Imagine the value that could have been generated by Petrobras if it’s leaders had focused on creating meaningful value in the world they touched rather than bribing and keeping a few people rich and eroding over $80bn dollars of value?

Imagine where that value could have been better directed to create more value that collectively benefited more.

Capitalism is not the bad guy or gal

Here’s my belief: Capitalism gets a bad rap but maybe it’s not the system, maybe it’s the people in the system with the wrong mindset who are at fault.

By creating more enlightened leaders to use the power of business positively, we can change the world.

Spedan John Lewis, a leader who I greatly admire. He spoke about the perversions of the proper workings of capitalism. The perversions come from the people running the system badly not the system itself. Capitalism when working properly, has raised millions of people out of poverty. It has increased health and wealth around the world. capitalism when working properly is a force for good.

What is needed is the remodelling of a new type of leader. With the WEF coining the term the Fourth Industrial Revolution, what is now needed to make the future remarkable is the Leader 4.0

Leaders need to unlearn what leaders have been taught in the past to be successful and relearn that profit and social enhancement can and should go hand in hand. When they do a virtuous circle of meaningful value accrues and the value destruction created by corporation scandals like The Car Wash will become a thing of the past.

The good news is there are a number of progressive leaders thinking this way, they just need movements like the Achieve Remarkable Things to spearhead the change.

So here is your opportunity: Join a positive force for change in the new world of work

What is the ART-Movement?

The ART-Movement is an exciting vibrant and growing group energised by people passionate about the power of business (be they big or small) to achieve remarkable things.

This group is above the mundane or the minutiae. It’s for big dreamers big hearts and crazy moon shots.

This group is certainly not beige. It is a vibrant watering hole for gaining knowledge and sharing inspiration.

The group uses Facebook as a watering hole to discover remarkable stories, share ideas and gain inspiration for their own very remarkable personal adventures and business initiatives.

This groups is for those who believe that putting Planet, People and Profit first makes sense. Even if we do not know quiet yet how to do it.

This group is for asking great questions and forging awesome solutions.

This group is for people who recognise that if this is going to be a remarkable century for ourselves and the next generations then we have to create it. It will not just happen.

This group is for anyone who believes that they can make a difference because, sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.

What will this group look like, what will it achieve what will we discuss and share? That is for you to decide.

Join now and make a meaningful difference. 


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