Discover the 6 new skills and habits that future-focused leaders need

Webinar: 6-7pm UK / 7-8pm SA time, Tues, 3 October

Your host: Graeme Codrington

There are six key new skills and habits that future-focused leaders need to develop if they’re going to be successful in a world of exponential change. This one hour webinar will present the results of TomorrowToday Global’s research into these skills and habits, highlighting the importance of each and providing practical guidelines for how to develop them.

The toolkit is:

  • Switch on your radar – learn how to look beyond the horizon, track disruptive forces and emerging trends and discover what happens after what comes next
  • Be more curious – ask better questions, and develop the ability to lead by asking instead of telling
  • Experiment more – learn to fail fast, fail cheap and fail loud, and see why this is the most important shift needed in organisations today
  • Embrace difference – listen to more voices and opinions
  • Leverage technology, don’t just digitise
  • Deal with your limiting orthodoxies

The replay of this webinar is now available exclusively to members of our Future of Work Academy.

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