Futurism’s website has provided a fantastic list of the 10 most important scientific advances and discoveries of 2017 (so far). At TomorrowToday we’ve been saying for some time that the pace of advances in science, technology, engineering, and medicine is going to be astounding over the next few years. The last seven months prove this point brilliantly.

Read Futurism’s full list and descriptions at their website here. Their list includes:

    2017 so far

  • We’ve edited a human embryo for the first time
  • CRISPR trials in human bodies have begun (this is a DNA editing process)
  • We can now start to grow human organs
  • Metallic Hydrogen has been created out of liquid hydrogen – this could be a genuine superconductor and energy storage option
  • We’ve discovered a viable planet that could hold life as we know it – in fact, there are seven earth sized planets in the Aquarius constellation. And they’re only 39 light-years away.
  • Deepmind, Google’s best computer, has taught an AI to navigate complex environments – this is a key component of making AI really work
  • And Deepmind continues to dominate the world of Go – the most complex board game humans play
  • We’ve proven recycled rockets can work
  • We’ve created an artificial womb (for a lamb)
  • A 51-qubit quantum computer has been unveiled

We’d add the following:

  • A paralysed man has been able to move his muscles by connecting his muscles to his brain via external wires and a cybernetic implant (in other words, sensors activate his muscles based on a machine that reads his thoughts)
  • Stem cells injected into stroke patients have helped them walk again
  • China is using face detection technology to authorise payments

What a year it’s been so far. And there’s more to come – we’re sure of it. Here are MIT’s suggestions for some of the breakthroughs we can expect before Christmas this year.

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