Reading of a Somerset couple’s disastrous attempt to replicate the famous Dirty Dancing move (the one where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey above his head as she leaps into his arms) ended up with them both in hospital, got me thinking.

It is worth pausing briefly before moving onto more serious stuff to sequentially consider the failed attempt as it certainly made my day. Picture the serious couple (might be worth pointing out that they were both in their 50’s and let’s just say, not in prime shape) lining up opposite each other, hopes high and images of Dirty Dancing filling their deluded minds; then the charging partner towards the expectant outstretched arms of her catcher and the first stirrings of an ominous concern; then the fateful coming together – well more accurately, a mind-numbing collision much like that of a head-on collision between two super-tankers; the final picture (before the ambulance staff arrived on the scene), of a prone couple unconscious on the grass under a grey English summer sky. Put suitable music to that sequence and you have a massive hit…in every sense of the word!

Here’s what got me thinking and the point of this short story: there are certain things in life that (beyond a certain age) simply should not be imitated. There are things that should be left untouched in their original poise and beauty, to provide us with inspiration and fill us with appreciation but not leave us with the desire to replicate or imitate.

When it comes to growing old, be yourself and know your limits.

And perhaps also good advice for (growing old) leaders everywhere.

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