In the video, I share three key ways for you to get more out of your business reading.

  • Audible – listen to your books if you can’t read, or battle to read. And listen to them speeded up to get through them faster. – the first month is free, thereafter it’s $14.95 per month, giving you 1 credit which is essentially 1 book per month.
  • GetAbstract – get book summaries – if you want to get all the business books, you’ll need a Pro account, which costs around $27 per month.
  • The Future of Work Academy – get a book summary and discussion guide each month, plus full access to future of work resources and courses – $24 per month for full access, 30-day money back guarantee, so worth trying out.

If you are already a good reader, then all you need is recommendations. These come in many forms, and Google search will be your friend (click here). You can obviously specify a particular aspect of business, leadership, management, strategy or your particular function, industry or market that you’d like to look at.

Here are some of my favourite lists at the moment:

And, of course, watch our blog at for regular updates of these lists and our own recommendations.

Our most recent list is at

Good leaders read well. Make sure you do too.


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