There is no shortage of helpful information available these days to help you succeed in the future of work. The Economist and Harvard Business Review provide excellent content along with numerous other institutions and publications for anyone keen on sharpening their global awareness and focusing their leadership knowledge.

In TomorrowToday Global we believe that to ‘be a leader you need to do leadership‘. Acquiring subject knowledge is an important step in this process but it is only one of three steps necessary to develop healthy and sustainable leadership habits.

A habit is formed by the coming together or intersection of three separate elements: The knowledge that it is important; the ability or skill set necessary to do it; and the desire to do it.

When you have knowledge, skills (capability) and desire consistently meeting over a period of time you have the formation of a habit. Think of any healthy habit in your life and these three elements will be evident. These three elements are the breeding ground for habits to grow.

Through the Future of Work Academy, our aim is to help you identify, nurture and establish healthy and helpful habits for you in your everyday work life.

The Future of Work Academy will deliver both the required knowledge and skill set necessary for habit-forming; the desire is what you bring to the table. We will do our best to motivate and inspire that desire but ultimately that is your part of the equation.

July’s content for Tomorrow Today’s Future of Work Academy is now live – here’s what we’ve got lined up for all our members.

  • Some practical suggestions for identifying and developing Talent in a Multi-Generational Digital Workplace
  • Our News Bulletin from the Future looks at longevity. It’s called ‘Amy’s 150th birthday’
  • Asking Questions: The 5 Whys
  • A great article on How to look backwards and see into the future
  • We provide 7 skills to learn during your lunch break (not all in the same lunch break of course, but it’s a great list.)
  • Rules: Three simple tricks to make life at work better
  • Our Quick Win gives some simple suggestions on what to try to get better value from your meetings.
  • We continue with our START Conversation series and this month we offer a great framework for facilitating a conversation around Gender and Culture.

For a more detailed overview here’s Graeme

More on the Future of Work Academy:

  • $24 monthly with a 30 day back, no questions asked, guarantee.
  • New content monthly, including a live webinar with the members of the TomorrowToday team.
  • Monthly membership club. Cancel your subscription at any time.
  • We can provide monthly reports on learner activity if you sign a team up
  • Bonus: Access to 3 of the TomorrowToday online courses (Future Fit Leadership, How to think like a Futurist & Tomorrow’s World Today)

You can sign up for the Future of Work Academy here.

We look forward to working with you in helping develop the kind of habits that make a real difference in not only your life but will also impact those around you. Of course, habits need hard and consistent work before they can stand on their own and be called ‘a habit’ – but this you know. We look forward to partnering you towards this end, an end that is really only the beginning.


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