I’m working in Finland this week for a leading business school and their client a food and wellness company, and came across Polar Bear Pitching, Finland’s take on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Imagine standing on a thick ice pack, you are shivering standing in nothing but your swimsuit and socks – when you are freezing you do not worry about being ‘cool’ – In front of you is a hole cut out of the ice revealing a makeshift stairway leading down into a black, frigid abyss that is the Baltic Sea. At the bottom of the stairs is a submerged podium where you stand and deliver your great business idea to a panel of warmly wrapped judges, this is hardcore Dragon’s Den. It’s just you the Dragon’s, your business idea, no time limit, just icy water washing between you, investment funding and a great business boost. Sounds like fun for the most intrepid business adventurers. Are you game?

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