“While Mr. Trump has left Europeans despairing about the trans-Atlantic relationship, lectures his fellow leaders about paying more for NATO and ignores their pleas not to pull out of the Paris climate accord, Mr. Obama appears on panels with allies to discuss issues like food security or how to inspire young people to be more active in their communities,” says  in his New York Times article Obama’s Global Visits Inspire Wistful Comparisons

According to Mr Landler, “Mr. Obama has generally tried to stay above the political fray in his nascent post-presidency. But in these charged times, just breaking bread with a world leader can take on a political subtext. It is a tension his advisers recognize, and say they try to mitigate by holding get-togethers at Mr. Obama’s hotel and avoiding the trappings of leader-to-leader meetings.”

And the impact? Well, Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau tweeted a picture of himself at dinner in a local diner in his home town with the former president, adding: “How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities? Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights.”

While one leader spreads disunity, confusion and chaos another continues to focus on quietly delivering meaningful benefits in a world desperate for positive change. For this reason, Barack Obama is my quester leader of the week.

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