We used to think big and have grand visions. It wasn’t that long ago that high-risk, big dream projects were the norm. In the 60’s and 70’s the Apollo programme brought humanity together and Project Mohole, an ambitious attempt to drill to the centre of the earth, demonstrated just how daring a species we were.

But now it seems as if almost every business, organisation and government has given up on achieving remarkable things. Maybe it’s because of short-termism, instant gratification or entitlement. Maybe it’s because we feel we have already achieved all the important things. Maybe it’s because we are afraid of what will happen if we risk too much trying to reach too far. Maybe we’ve lost the zeitgeist of our pioneering forefathers who risked so much to deliver the very innovations most of us take for granted today.

Whatever the reason, a remarkable future awaits us, but it is not just going to happen on its own: we have to create it. 

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