Tuesday Tips

We hear about slides and fireman poles at Google, free food at LinkedIn, daycare facilities, and many other things that sound like they come from a Disneyland theme park not a focussed productive office environment.

But, what do Millennials say they would like in their ideal workplace?

The graphic below is from a Nov 2016 study by CBRE Inc.

They surveyed 13 000 Millennials from around the world, with an additional 6900 internal employees across all generations.

So how do your workplace modernisation activities stack up against the list above?

Are you spending money on things that Millennials don’t actually want, or on the things that will get you the most appreciation and business value?

The most important insight that this graphic should give you is that you have no idea what your Millennials want in their workplace….. UNLESS YOU ASK THEM!

Time to dust off those listening ears, and engage in some dialogue rather than the terrible modern leadership habit of defaulting into monologue and instructing.

BONUS TIP: It is not just Millennials who respond to you asking for their input – it works with pretty much anyone in your business.

The full report that is the source of this graphic is one of the pieces of research Ray de Villiers will be making reference to in the Future of Work Academy Webinar “Creating an Environment where Millennials can Thrive” hosted at 13:00 (GMT+2) on Tuesday 30 May. View the introductory video. You can sign up for the Future of Work Academy here where the replay of this webinar will be held.

View the introductory video:

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