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It has been said that over the next decade up to one third of today’s jobs will be handed over to robotics, AI, and other digital developments. There are many reasons for these changes but predominantly they will be based on higher levels of efficiency and more desirable cost basis.

There are three basic ways in which we may be directly impacted by this disruption;

  1. We aren’t impacted because our jobs fall outside of the affected sphere
  2. We are impacted but are able to reskill and move into new areas of work
  3. We lose our jobs and remain unemployable for the foreseeable future

How do we work today to ensure that we fall within the first two groups and not the third?
It is all about Talent and being high-performing individuals. In an age of robotics and technological upheaval one of the basic truths of human society will remain – the cream will still rise to the top.

At TomorrowToday Global we have a framework that sheds light on these dynamics Talent Re:Defined. It uses TALENT as an acronym for 6 characteristics that high-performing individuals in the new world of work have. If you maintain your focus on these six areas, and ensure your ongoing development you will stand a significantly lesser chance of being in the third group.

T – Thriving in difference and diversity.
AI and Robotics are all about unlocking the benefits inherent in repetitive sameness. This means that the more diverse and complex an area, in terms of inter-human engagement, the less likely it is to be a comfortable fit for technological disruption. The more formulaic and repetitive the easier it is for technology to unseat people.

A – Adaptability.
Technology relies on programming and algorithms to guide its decisions and actions. Make no mistake, the algorithms and programming being used in today’s technology is INCREDIBLY powerful. But, the more adaptive a situation is the more characteristics like intuition, wisdom, and “gut feel” are required – and those will be some of the last areas where technology is able to supersede humans.

L – Lifelong Learning.
In the old economy we could rely on information we had learned a few years ago, or a degree we had, to be relevant and employable…. this is not longer the case in a world of AI and robotics. Technology is able to be updated with the most relevant information instantaneously. If you are not actively working to do the same thing on a daily basis (not only when HR books you onto a course), you will be redundant before you can spell the word “Redundant”. NOTE that learning happens as effectively through new experiences as it does through traditional learning….Lifelong learning means DOING new things, not just reading about them.

E – Experiment (and are okay with failing).
High-Performing individuals have a high tolerance for risk and actively true new things. Experiments by nature fail sometimes…. High-performing individuals are able to learn from failure as effectively as they do from success.

N – Networked.
Social media has shown us how effectively we can build and manage networks and connections using technology. In the new world of work networking is not just about connecting with others, but about the ability to unlock more value out of the parts of the network than the individual parts themselves hold – quantum theory calls this emergence. 1+1=3

T – Temporary.
In the new world of work nothing lasts forever. The harder you cling onto something the higher the risk that it will take you down with it as the tide of technology rises. To succeed in a world of technology disruption you need to live with a light touch and be prepared to move quickly, easily, and immediately – if the situation warrants it.

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