From doctors to news reporters, secretaries to drone pilots, jobs are evolving faster than ever before. Thousands of new professions are listed in LinkedIn every day, and every business magazine you read seems to have at least one article warning us that our jobs are in danger from the machines. As technology continues to impact the world, professionals and office workers need to be asking themselves what should they be doing and learning, what skills they need to be acquiring and how they should approach their career development so that they don’t get left behind. Employers too should be thinking about their future staff requirements and how they recruit.

TomorrowToday and the Future of Work Academy present a webinar on How to Future-Proof Your Career and protect it from robots and algorithms.

Graeme Codrington, futurist and well-known expert on the changing world of work, will host the webinar live on Thursday, 18 May at 5pm Cape Town / 4pm London / 11am New York time.


The replay of this webinar is now available exclusively to members of our Future of Work Academy.

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