Episode 11 – The Future of Work Academy Launch Edition

  • Keith Coats outlines 6 things that future-fit leaders need to know
  • We recommend two brilliant books that every leader should read: Uncommon sense, common Nonsense; and Humble Inquiry.
  • Introducing The Future of Work Academy — our loyal podcast listeners can click here for a special $1 sign up deal (with a no questions asked money back guarantee as well)
  • Dean van Leeuwen asks what the most important asset in your business is (spoiler alert: it’s not money, and it isn’t your people)
  • Finally, we introduce a new segment on “careers of the future” where we look at a profession and ask what it will look like in the future. This month we look at doctors and the medical profession, and suggest three crucial questions for anyone thinking of this as a career.

Duration: 45:05

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