My oldest daughter turned 18 yesterday. I have two other teenage daughters and a wife. In fact, I am the only man in our household, and I love it. Mainly because I learn so much from being forced to see the world through the eyes of smart, brave and insightful women. And what I see when I do this frankly infuriates me.

Fearless GirlThree stories stood out for me in the media just this past week. I will share them without much commentary, except to say that if you don’t understand why these stories make me angry, then you need to find a way to get a better feminine (feminist?) perspective on the world:

  • To celebrate women’s day a statue titled “Fearless Girl” was installed opposite the imposing Bull that is the symbol of Wall Street in Lower Manhattan (see image). A wonderful celebration of women. But it wasn’t too long before it attracted abuse. Just this past weekend, a Wall Street banker was photographed pretending to rape the statue – see story here. If we say “it’s just a guy joking around” we’re saying that child rape is a laughing matter.

  • Marissa Mayer didn’t live up to the hype and promise as CEO of Yahoo. It may have been her fault, it may have been that she was handed a dud company that no-one could have done anything with. Either way, her time is up and she’s been replaced. By a man. Who has been given a base salary literally and exactly double hers. Read the story here. Unlike other men who just have to guess and fantasize as to the value of their manhood, I guess Thomas McInerney is lucky enough to know precisely how much his penis is worth. Forbes explains the issue nicely, with details of the (ahem) packages.

  • I don’t even know how to explain this final story. Just read it and weep. “He Swapped Email Signatures With a Female Co-Worker, and Learned a Valuable Lesson.”

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