In a world characterised by exponential change, disruptive technologies and growing complexity, it is clear that many of us need to develop a new set of skills related to strategic thinking and being future focused. Without these new skills we are in danger of being trapped by our past experiences and our current reality.

The ability to “think like a futurist” is key to your company’s future and also your own personal development and career advancement. In this webinar you’ll discover five key skills that anyone can develop and apply in their everyday work in order to face the future with confidence.

As a full-time, professional futurist, Dr Graeme Codrington has a global reputation for making complex topics easy to access and is called on by some of the world’s top companies to provide insights into the changing world. But he also works for top business schools to develop leaders and their ability to think like futurists for themselves.

In this webinar, Graeme will introduce you to the key skills and secrets he shares with his business school students.

It is for everyone. In fact, Graeme believes that everyone in your team MUST learn to think like futurists so they can help your organisation to identify threats and opportunities coming your way, adapt with agility and resilience, and deliver innovation and creativity to your business.

Webinar advertTo access the webinar you must be a member of TomorrowToday’s Future of Work Academy, which is a monthly membership site that provides practical advice and tips, researched insights, and the support you need to successfully navigate the Future World of Work.

The replay of this webinar is now available exclusively to members of our Future of Work Academy. A monthly investment of only $4.99.

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In addition to the webinar on Thinking Like a Futurist, the Academy in March contains the following resources:

  • 7 questions to ask, 13 things to do – Keys to success in the new world of work is a sense of curiosity and an ability to change how we think and act.
  • START Conversations: A practical exercise to assist leaders to host important conversations. This month’s conversation is on the danger of using yesterday’s logic.
  • Webinar: How to Innovate Better. The recording and written notes from the 16 February webinar by Graeme Codrington.
  • Experiment More – This is probably the most important thing we can do to become ready for the future. Here’s how to build an experimental culture in your team.
  • Simplify. To succeed in a world of constant change, we need to have space to adapt, change and experiment. Simplifying our work is vital to creating this space.
  • News Bulletin from Future: Freedom of the road. A case study to get you and your team thinking about tomorrow’s world and how it impacts us today. Video 4 minutes, Reading 12 minutes, Team activity 45 minutes.
  • Video: Orthodoxies: Why we get stuck in our thinking pattens, and what to do about it.
  • Book Club: Nonsense. The power of not knowing – Jamie Holmes


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