If we live in times of deep disruptive change where what happened yesterday is unlikely to be repeated tomorrow, then one of the key things we have to do is to experiment more. Most organizations that I work with are focused on trying to get innovation. It’s right there in their value statements, in their strategic objectives – they want innovation! But most have these organizations are not experimenting anywhere near enough to get innovation.

If you want innovation you have to experiment more! Every one of your leaders needs to have at least three or four experiments on the go at all times. Small experiments – for example, where you’re just changing how you do meetings, or experimenting with new email styles, or maybe huge experiments where you are trying out new products, or trying to open up new markets. Some of these can be done at no cost, some are hugely expensive. Whatever it is, we need more experiments. Of course some of those experiments will fail and we know that we have to fail fast and fail quickly,  (and cheaply if we can).

Ultimately we need more experiments because out of thoseexperiments will come the innovations that you are looking for.  Without experimentation you will not have innovation.

You need to experiment more!

Do you have experiments on the go right now?


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