Brand & Communication Prognosis: Thank you to the many of you who have given a little bit of their valuable time to complete our short “Brand Impact 2017” survey over the festive season – Happy New Year!

Cutting to the chase: what’s in it for 2017?

The primary challenges of tackling increasingly complex, digital and mobile brand ecosystems remain at the top of the agenda for leaders and brand builders – so no surprise here.

However, for the first time we have noted political instability as a major theme, too. What is the positive social contribution brand and communication has to offer in times of insecurity?

Clearly, the events of 2016 have left marks we are yet to appreciate fully. What are the key tendencies to watch out for beyond what we already know?

Anchored on three overarching ‘context themes’, there are 9 major areas we suggest are worth pondering over – beyond what we can see already.

Context #1: Increasing velocity, more complexity and extra clutter

Context #2: Emerging need for more clarity, focus and integrity

Context #3: Yearning for meaning

So what can you do?

Realize the context and build brands that provide anchorage, stability and meaning – underpinned by values that connect a deeper meaning ‚inside out‘ with honest and ‚good‘ value. Build integrity into your value chains – and make them radically transparent. Make your products and services work: simple, beautiful, reliable and without hassle – consumers are willing to pay premium for this.

Building trust and humanizing everything related to your business in times of increased digitalisation will be among the key investments of time, effort and capital in 2017 to build and strengthen your brand for the future.

Thank you and wishing you all the very best – on and upwards to 2017!

The Team @ TomorrowTodayGlobal

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