There are very distinct signs that humankind has entered the dawn of a new golden age of technology, a new Age of Discovery, one that has the potential to have as great an impact as the Renaissance. And, yet for the vast majority of people, the world we live in does not feel remarkable, it feels decidedly unremarkable.  Heading into London yesterday I picked up a Metro newspaper. Three main stories included:

  1.  A 35 -year of Ferrari driver who’d lost control during a street race against a Range Rover and smashed into a group of seven teenagers;
  2. A man on trial for eating a MET officer after he’d lured him to his flat for bondage sex; and,
  3. The tragic Aleppo genocide and war atrocities.

#world gone mad

Have to admit I felt deflated and saddened. What is our world coming to? And this was just a fraction of the daily news. Have things always been this mad? Maybe it is because we are now more aware of the sad state of our world? Social media now brings everything amplified into our lives and in real time. It feels too as if we are living it, albeit from the safety of our living room. To be honest the answer to these questions do not matter, this is the world we live in, and let’s be honest the world has always been VUCA, that is not news. But because of the power of social media, the democratisation of information and unprecedented access to mobile and disruptive technology, it does not need to be this way.

But here is a massive concern, things could be a lot worse. If business leaders do not act soon they will be.

This is what is frightening people and leading to a surging rise in populism. Society is turning inwards, seeking protectionism. But that is folly. All this talk of a VUCA world prevents us from celebrating our past victories and having the hope, courage and conviction  to collectively achieve remarkable things.

A movement of business leaders compelled to stand up and do their big bit or small bit to make their world a better place is needed. Because collectively small positive actions can make a big difference.

I do not believe that the solutions will come from politicians and government. I believe that business leaders and business owners are the ones who have to step forward and make the difference during this New Golden Age. It’s not because business should be good citizens – the BPs and VWs of the world take note – that is a given. It’s because there are great opportunities to do well and do good at the same time. If businesses do not respond positively the world we live in threatens to be plunged into a dark age. The world’s course is finely balanced. But I’m optimistic too because I can see the Remarkable Things that a new breed of business leaders are achieving.

The time to act is now. Set Sail, Explore, Achieve Remarkable Things



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