Future CEO report in The TimesIn The Times newspaper in the UK, Raconteur published a superb insert on “The Future CEO”, focusing on the future of leadership and senior leaders within organisations. It is an excellent read, and available for free download here:


The content includes the following:

  • Learning the corporate art of creating culture
  • Who gets to the top of the tree and how?
  • New approaches to leadership will make CEOs more successful
  • should bosses get political?
  • Know how to cope with growing pains – growing a startup
  • Online says Goodbye to the ‘sage on stage’
  • Do business leaders influence an election or referendum?
  • Partnerships and collaboration: Together you can be stronger and succeed
  • Bringing diversity into boardrooms
  • Think like a designer

Make sure you download the report now, and share it with your CEO. They’ll thank you for it.

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