Ray was recently meeting a client at one of the large national banks local head office.  While ordering a cappuccino from their coffee shop he was told that they don’t accept cash as payment. The bank’s coffee shop only accepts cards and a form of digital currency for payment.

The irony of  this made him reflect on the fact that digitisation is changing everything – including the way we deal with money.

Ray then looks at what the Wall Street Journal recently identified as the 10 characteristics that they believe will define the bank of 2020.

Grab a quick cup of coffee while Ray shares his insights in this short, 8 minute video.

You can also download our latest research on FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial services where the TomorrowToday team have identified the most crucial ways that FinTech will disrupt even the most established financial service organisations. Download here

FinTech and the Disruption of Financial Services

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