Tuesday Tips

The Problem:

My team have stopped learning in ways that I think will impact on our ability to thrive into the future. We seem too content, too complacent and don’t seem willing to challenge ourselves with the learning mind-set and behaviours I know we will need to be future-fit. What can I do about this?

The Solution:

Challenge your team to each learn to write fluently with their non-writing hand.

relearningFor three minutes every day each person practices writing with his or her non-writing hand recording this work in a simple exercise journal. The journals can then be compared at select team meetings and discussion had as to progress made, frustrations experienced and what the experience is revealing. Select a time frame (perhaps two months) to do this although some might well wish to continue until they have mastered the new skill.

The benefits are that you have set about intentionally learning a new skill. The journey will give rise to important conversations and insights about what it means to master new skills and what these might be for the new world of work / the future. It will reveal individual attitudes towards learning that might be insightful for you as the leader. It will provide a story, one that will send a clear message throughout the organisation as that story filters beyond the confines of your team. It will require discipline and perseverance, two qualities that should always be encouraged.

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