podcast episode 7


Last month we learnt how we might live on the moon. Well, Elon Musk just upped the ante, and announced plans for Space X to colonise Mars. In this episode of the TomorrowTrends podcast we look at his announcement, at quests, listening leaders, doing less and surviving past 2040. Join us for 40 minutes of insights into our changing world.

  1. Graeme Codrington on Going to Mars with Elon
  2. Dean van Leeuwen looks at the power of the leader’s quest to create the future
  3. Keith Coats reviews a book about shepherds and speaks to a participant in one of the leadership programmes we work on
  4. Graeme looks at how to get more time in your week
  5. Ray de Villiers introduces us to the Kardashev scale, Moores Law and what they mean for our future – and for today.
Time: 41m:55s
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