A 5 minute overview from Raymond on what it takes to be a high-performing individual in today’s world of work – presented at a recent USB showcase.

Ray looks at 6 characteristics of high performing individuals in the modern world of work. He  links these characteristics  to the acronym ‘Talent’.


We live in a world where the global village has shrunk boundaries and we are forming new types of communities. We have new tribes developing and different ways for creating relationships.


In a world where the rate of change is accelerating on a consistent basis high-performing individuals are never overwhelmed by change. Talent is able to make the changes needed to adapt, succeed and thrive.


Longevity is one of the leading trends in our changing world – we will all be living progressively longer. One of the implications is that we will be working for longer too. High-performing talented individuals know that the value of what they know erodes over time. They take charge of their learning and development and spend a lifetime continually learning.
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High-performing people are innovators. They innovate effectively by having a tolerance for risk and an acceptance of failure as part of the process of eventually getting things right. They do however know that if something fails it must fail quickly and cheaply, and they learn lessons through this process.


Success is not a solo endeavour. Talent today use online and offline tools to build effective and extended networks of other talented individuals who will help them achieve their goals. They also freely share their skills with their network as they understand that the power of networks lie in the collaboration unlocked through them.


The nature of our changing world leads to very little being permanent. High-performing talented individuals hold things lightly. There are few things that are not up for review, or discussion, if better alternatives are offered. This makes high-performers surfers of change who are abel to ride the currents of the changing world, not just steel themselves against its barrage.

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high-performing individuals in today's world of work

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