TTPodcast Ep6

Join our team for 30 minutes to listen to our latest episode of the Tomorrow Trends podcast – we’re confident that it’ll be 30 minutes well spent, learning new ideas, thinking a little out of the box and some inspiration for the week ahead.

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  • Keith Coats asks us to lose our marbles in order to ensure everyone on our team contributes at team meetings.
  • Dean van Leeuwen uncovers the magic of Elon Musk’s plans for Tesla, and shows us the power of the quest for our own businesses.
  • Graeme Codrington suggests that as we come to end of the age of carbon fuel we might very well soon have free energy available everywhere.
  • Raymond de Villiers muses about when – and how – we might put people on the moon, and on Mars.
Spend half an hour with the TomorrowToday Global team, and be transported out of this world!
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